February 5, 2016

Have you experienced discrimination at work because of your

  • Sexual Orientation?

  • Gender Identity?

  • Gender Expression?

These personal characteristics are known as "protected classes". 


Illegal discrimination occurs when an adverse employment action is...

February 5, 2016





And care is being compromising to save the cost of hiring more.


Another report has taken aim at nursing home staffing levels. The New York Times had blasted the nursing home industry for playing fast and loose with staffing numbers. Now a state-by-state...

February 4, 2016

Taking an adverse employment action against an employee because he or she is a member of a "protected class" is illegal. A "protected class" is a group of people with a common characteristic. It is also illegal to discriminate by retaliating against an employee for eng...

February 4, 2016

I had written previously that up to 85% of credit card lawsuits end in a default judgment. A default judgment is entered when a consumer is never properly served with a copy of a Summons and Complaint initiating a lawsuit, or, if served, fails to respond.  It seems tha...

February 4, 2016

In our constant effort to keep pace with the latest developments in debt collector psychosis, we find the following incidents. If you're looking for debt collector harassment, you don't have to search much further.


First a brief review: The Fair Debt Collection Practic...

February 4, 2016

It doesn't hurt to know whether the credit card collection lawsuit against you is barred by the Statute of Limitations. You could save a pile of money.  


One of the first questions I ask is: "When was your last payment." Here's how that question figures in:


Credit card...

February 4, 2016

 Welcomer to "Sewer service"!


"Sewer service" occurs when a process server, who is paid per defendant served,  tosses the Summons & Complaint "into the sewer" and then swears under oath that you were properly served.  It's easy money for the process server - just thin...