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      We have been defending consumers in debt collection cases since 2007, taking them to trial and reaching favorable settlements with creditors of all kinds.

       In lawsuits by Debt Buyers - companies that purchase defaulted debt from the original lender - we have had success getting a dismissal so that our client pays nothing.  Call us to learn if this is a possible option in your case.


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      Once you have been served with a summons and complaint, you have a limited time to respond.  If you do nothing, a judgment by default will be entered against you. Once a default judgment is entered, your wages can be garnished, your bank account levied and a lien can be filed against your property. You also lose substantial negotiating leverage - so you need to act promptly

      The good news is that a number of defense strategies are typically available, ranging from early discounted settlement to calculated delay. 

       Based on our knowledge of the "players" in this business - the plaintiff's and their attorneys - and your particular needs, we can help craft and implement an effective strategy to put this episode behind you.

      We are pleased to offer a free consultation with no obligation. 

     Why don't you give us a quick call, free with no obligation, to learn your options?

    Finally, here is a rule of thumb to consider: Debt collectors are swamped. They have too many cases to try yours against an experienced debt defense attorney they know and respect. This means that as trial approaches, favorable settlements can be expected. 

      So, call if you have any questions.

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The Rose Consumer Law Firm is the one of the finest law firms that I have ever encountered. Attorney William Rose is extremely knowledgeable, he is responsive to urgent matters, and he goes above and beyond to help people resolve their problems successfully.

                           - James M., Orange 

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