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Got a "Lemon"? We can Help!

We enforce the California Lemon Law against manufacturers of defective vehicles. When a slot machine comes up lemons, you lose. When the lemon is delivered by an auto dealer, we can help you get a full refund or a replacement vehicle of comparable value. In some cases, where the manaufacturer's disregard for your rights is "willful", we may also be able to obtain a civil penalty up to twice the value of the vehicle.
By the way, all this costs you nothing. The manufacturer pays our fee. If your new car, or used car still under warranty, has a defect which the dealership is unable to fix after repeated attempts, or, if the car has been in the shop for a total of 30 days, you may have a Lemon under California Law.
If so, the manufacturer must repurchase your vehicle, paying off any outstanding loans; or, replace it with a comparable model.
AND IMPORTANTLY, the Lemon Law also requires the automobile manufacturer to pay your attorney fees, if your claim is successful. This mean, you pay us nothing. If we are successful, we get paid by the manufacturer.
If you think your car may qualify as a Lemon, call us for a FREE evaluation at (877) 320-2380.

Or, click here - Is My Car a Lemon? - to answer a few basic questions about your vehicle, and we will call you back with our evaluation. Again, you pay us nothing. The process is entirely complimentary.


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