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Unpaid Oil Worker Overtime.

California oil wells pump big money. Over 50,000 active wells yield more than 200 million barrels per year. It works out to about $36,000 a minute. Downtime is simply too costly. Under this enormous pressure, oil services workers are being illegally undepaid, perhaps massively so!
Here are the most common ways oil service companies under-pay their employees:
1) Requiring them to be "on call" and to report on short notice, without providing financial compensation for the "on-call" time;
2) Not paying them for ALL hours worked, including time spent traveling to and from job sites, time spent putting on and taking off certain protective equipment, and time spent waiting on a job site.
3) Not paying for every MINUTE worked by "rounding down" minutes to the prior hour;
4) Denying legally mandated meal and rest breaks while on-site or when travelling to and from a well-site;
5) Using "creative" - and unlawful - techniques to deny "Daily Overtime" for days when when more than 8 hours in a single calendar day are worked; and,
6) Wrongfully classifying workers as exempt from overtime, either (i) by paying them a straight salary as supervisors, despite their not being executive employees, or (ii) by paying employees as independent contractors when, in truth, there is nothing independent about them.
If you believe you have been victimized by ANY of these illegal practices, you may be entitled to substantial financial compensation. We can help put YOUR money back in YOUR pocket where it rightfully belongs.
Please let us know about by calling us toll-free at (877) 320-2380.
We will contact you promptly and give you a FREE case review with no obligation whatsoever. Working in the oil fields is tough enough. Shouldn't you be paid what you are actually owed?
Give us a call now!
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