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       If you are receiving threatening calls from debt collectors, we


can make them stop.


       Once they realize you have an attorney who knows the law,

they will stop contacting you.


       It is illegal for Debt Collectors to threaten you.

       For example, a debt collector cannot threaten to:

     1.  Send anyone to your home, including the police or sheriff,                the FBI, a district attorney or anyone else.

     2. Have you arrested or jailed;

     3. Take your home, your vehicle or anything else of value.

     4. Tell anyone else you owe a debt. This includes your employer            co-workers, friends and relatives.

     In addition, a debt collector cannot scream at you, insult you or use profanity of any kind.

     Collectors who use threats and illegal tactics prey upon consumers who do not know the law. These collectors are both abusive and persistent. If you do not have an attorney to protect you, they can and will continue their threatening calls until you are scared into paying or pay just to stop the abuse.

     This is wrong and you also do not have to go through it.

     Once a debt collector who uses threatening phone calls realizes that you have an attorney who can make them stop, they will stop!  

     If you have questions call us for a FREE consultation with no obligation.

       We can be reached anytime at 

                                      (877) 320-2380

     Call us to learn more; or, leave your contact information in the form to the right and we will respond promptly.

     We have been helping consumers in these matters since 2007. We'd be pleased to help you.




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The Rose Consumer Law Firm is the one of the finest law firms that I have ever encountered. Attorney William Rose is extremely knowledgeable, he is responsive to urgent matters, and he goes above and beyond to help people resolve their problems successfully.

                           - James M., Orange 

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