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       If you have been sued over a private student loan – by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust (“NCSLT”) or Navient, for example – the first thing you need to know is:

You Have Defenses !

       Here's why: If you have a private student loan, neither NCSLT nor Navient (formerly Sallie Mae) is your lender. You never borrowed a dime from either of them.  Each is simply a debt-collector. When they collect a private student loan debt, they claim that you owe them because they acquired your debt from the original lender.

       They need to prove this ! They need to prove the “chain of title”, that they obtained the right to collect the debt from the original lender. The good news is: That's not so easy to do. And, in fact, they often can't. They simply don't have the evidence. As a result, when pressed by an aggressive and experienced student loan defense attorney, sometimes, they “go away” before trial - they just drop the case. That's sometimes, though, not always. But, even if they don't go away, the weaknesses in their case provide you with significant negotiating leverage for a discounted settlement.

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