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About Rose Consumer Law

       Attorney William J. Rose is an experienced litigator and negotiator who has represented California consumers for nearly 20 years against banks, debt collectors; auto dealers and manufacturers; and, other large merchants and financial institutions who have violated his clients' consumer rights.
       Bill has made a career fighting the largest companies in California. He has developed a style that is candid, direct, and aggressive, but always respectful, allowing the opposition to give him what his clients want. In more complex individual cases, and in class action litigation, Bill co-counsels with one of several outside law firms with whom he has worked successfully over the years; but, he always maintains his connection with his clients.      
      Bill began his legal career in Boston politics and later as staff counsel to the Senate Human Services Committee focusing on consumer legislation. He subsequently worked for the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court as special counsel to the Justices. Since relocating to California in 1991, he has addressed consumer and business conferences on the subject of negotiation both in the United States, and internationally. He also has a background in the entertainment industry and has negotiated for and against some of the biggest names in entertainment, sports and business.
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