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           We've been helping consumers with credit card judgments since 2007. We know the collectors and their attorneys and, most importantly, how to deal with them.

          If there is a judgment against you for a credit card debt, the first question is this:  When did you first learn about the judgment? 

         Was it when your wages were garnished or your bank account levied?

         If you were not given notice of the lawsuit - i.e., not served with the summons & complaint - in time to defend yourself, then the judgment against you is void and can be vacated. Void means void forever. The only limitation in attacking a void judgment is that you act within a reasonable time after first learning of it.                   In addition,  the law requires that you be served within three (3) years after the case is filed. If service is not accomplished within this three (3) year period, the court must dismiss the lawsuit. This requirement is mandatory. Therefore, if the lawsuit against you was filed more than three (3) years ago, the case against you must be dismissed, so that you pay nothing!

           On the other hand, if you were served with the summons and complaint when the lawsuit was filed, there are negotiation strategies that can lessen the financial burden. 
        If you have questions about how all this applies to you or if you'd just like a free consultation with no obligation, you can call us at  (877) 320-2380 or, you can leave your contact information to the right and we will respond promptly.

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The Rose Consumer Law Firm is the one of the finest law firms that I have ever encountered. Attorney William Rose is extremely knowledgeable, he is responsive to urgent matters, and he goes above and beyond to help people resolve their problems successfully.

                           - James M., Orange 

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