Wage Garnishments and Bank Levies are tools for collecting judgments. If you've suffered either, then there is a judgment against you. If you had no idea, then the judgment may be void for lack of service. VOID judgments can be vacated.  But you must act quickly ! There is a time limit for atttacking void judgments. So, you may lose your rights if you delay.


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What constitutes valid service?


       Under California law, a plaintiff must provide the defendant with notice of a lawsuit either by “personal service” or “substitute service” of the summons and complaint. Personal Service means a copy of the summons and complaint is handed to the defendant.

Substitute Service occurs when a copy of the summons and complaint is handed to (1) an adult occupant of the defendant’s residence; or, (2) an adult who appears to be in control of the defendant’s workplace, such as a receptionist, or a clerk at a private mailbox service. Substitute service also requires that a copy of the summons and complaint be mailed to the defendant.     


       Failure to Serve is a common practice. One.of the greatest injustices is when a default judgment  - for failure to respond to service - is taken without serving the defendant. 


       If you find that there is a judgment against you, you must take immediate action or you may lose your ability to have the judgment vacated. While a judgment without ervice is void, the older a case gets, the more reluctant judges are to increase their workload by reopening an old case.. So you must act now.


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