Wage Garnishments and Bank Levies are methods of collecting judgments. So, if you've suffered either, then there is a judgment against you. If had no idea you had been sued, then the judgment may be void for lack of notice in time to defend yourself. VOID judgments can be vacated.  But you must act quickly ! There is a time limit for atttacking void judgments. So, you may lose your rights if you delay.

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What is valid service?


       Under California law, a plaintiff must provide the defendant with notice of a lawsuit either by “personal service” or “substitute service” of the summons and complaint. Personal Service means a copy of the summons and complaint is handed to the defendant.

Substitute Service occurs when a copy of the summons and complaint is handed to (1) an adult occupant of the defendant’s residence; or, (2) an adult who appears to be in control of the defendant’s workplace, such as a receptionist, or a clerk at a private mailbox service. Substitute service also requires that a copy of the summons and complaint be mailed to the defendant.    

       Failure to Serve is a common practice. One.of the greatest injustices is when a default judgment  - for failure to respond to service - is taken without serving the defendant.

       If you find that there is a judgment against you, you must take immediate action or you may lose your ability to have the judgment vacated. While a judgment without ervice is void, the older a case gets, the more reluctant judges are to increase their workload by reopening an old case.. So you must act now.


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