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                  HUNT & HENRIQUES, LLP
      Hunt & Henriques is one of the largest debt collection law firms in California. It is also the principal debt collection attorney for Citibank in California. Located in San Jose, Hunt & Henriques also represents original creditors Capital One Bank, Daimler Chrysler Financial Services (DCFS), Department Stores National Bank (Macy's), and Discover Bank; and, debt buyers Portfolio Recovery Associates and Midland Funding, LLC.
     If you'd like a FREE consultation about a Hunt & Henriques case, call us. It's totally confidential and you are under no obligation. Call Us at
                           (877) 320-2380
     While I have heard complaints about the non-attorney debt collectors employed by Hunt & Henriques, I have found their trial lawyers to be capable and reasonable. Due to their large caseload, Hunt and Henriques is always willing to talk settlement. Principle attorney Michael Hunt once summed it up this way to me: "Bill, if I had to try all my cases, I'd go broke."
    While Hunt & Henriques will settle its Citibank cases and DCFS cases, it will also take these cases to trial. Citibank has a team of witnesses available to testify in California, and DCFS has offices in the state and will also have a witness at trial. Discover, however, is less willing to produce a witness, so more favorable settlements may be available in these cases.
    Debt Buyer Portfolio Recovery Associates from New York typically will not send a witness to trial, so favorable settlements are available here as well.
    To see how we can help you with your Hunt & Henriques case, click on one of the links at the top of the page or call us at

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                           - James M., Orange 

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