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Even More Clients Are Saying...

Mr. Rose I am extremely grateful, happy, thankful, relieved that this case has come to an amicable resolution. Words are powerless to express my gratitude.  Thank you and I hope I never, ever have to set foot in your office for anything other than endless enormous congratulations for a job well done.


-SB, Lake Balboa


 I highly recommend Attorney Rose to anyone that needs a good Consumer Law Attorney.  This man knows the Law and in my case he showed empathy and yes I won my case. Thank you so much!


- Eric M, Martinez

 Bill took the time to review my case in detail and he's great at translating legalese into real English.  He explained all aspects of my case (good and bad) and what I could expect in going up against  a big company and their lawyers. He's reliable, totally professional and I thought his fees were very reasonable.


- Lisa K, Sherman Oaks


Initially, I attempted to handle my case myself.  Big mistake. I contacted Mr. Rose and he worked with me and was fair with his time and cost. He was always available (even by cell phone) and ultimately negotiated a fair settlement on my behalf.  He was truly helpful and I would definitely recommend his law firm to anyone who asked.


- Jerry R,  Los Angeles





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