If you have been sued or harassed by Porfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, or, if they already have a judgment against you, we can help.


   We know PRA well from having defended consumers against  them for over a decade. As a result, we have been able to get our clients favorable results, either by quick settlement or through litigation, depending on their needs.


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    Here's more about PRA:


    Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc. bills itself as "a market leader in the consumer debt purchase and collection industry."


    Founded in 1992, Portfolio Recovery Associates spent $408 million buying debt with a total face value of $9.8 billion by 2011. That means they paid about $.04 on the dollar.


    By the end of 2011, the company employed more than 2,600 people in 10 states and had annual earnings of $100.8 million. Portfolio Recovery Associates relies on several law firms to collect its debt in California, including Hunt & Henriques, Bleier $ Cox, and the Legal Recovery Law Offices of Mark Walsh.


    At the outset of a case, PRA will typically demand 75% of the principle amount to settle. When faced with experienced debt defense counsel, however, Portfolios demands will shrink as trial approaches.


   Recently, for example, this office defended a $ 42,000 credit card collection lawsuit against Portfolio Recovery Associates. For over a year, Portfolio stuck to its settlement demand of $30,000 - just under 75%. Then, a week before trial, they settled $9,600. In this case, about six weeks before trial, we took the deposition of PRA's witness. Fortunately, we were able to poke several holes in their case. PRA settled for 20% of the balance claimed rather than bring a weak case to trial. (A deposition is out of court testimony taken under oath before a court reporter priro to trial. Deposition testimony can be used at trial to descredit a witness.)


   While depositions can be expensive, in larger cases, they are very helpful in preparing for trial.To learn how we can help you against Portfolio Recovery Associates, feel free to call us toll free at (877) 320-2380 for a free consultation, or you can provide your contact information to the right and we will contact you promptly.


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