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                          A DEBT COLLECTOR IS CALLING MY
                                             FAMILY & FRIENDS  !

                                                   Can they do that?
                        Yes,  but NOT to humiliate you into paying......
                                               or to collect from them !

       The law recognizes a Debt Collector's need to locate a consumer in order to collect a debt. To accomplish this purpose, a Debt Collector is allowed to call third parties such as friends, family and employer - BUT ONLY for the limited purpose of locating you!

      Once they learn how to reach you,  ALL calls to others must CEASE !

       In order to prevent Debt Collectors from using third-party calls as a collection tactic, the law strictly limits the content of these calls to gathering information about your location and your phone number. 

       When a third-party call is placed, the Debt Collector must identify him or herself and can ONLY ask for your home address; your phone number and the name and address of your employer. Nothing more!

        A Debt Collector CANOT say anything that indicates you owe a debt.
        A Debt Collector CANNOT leave a call-back number.

        A Debt Collector CANNOT send them any writing about the debt.

        A Debt Collector CAN only contact your family member, friend or employer ONE TIME, unless the Debt Collector believes that the person has new information about your location. Here's a suggestion: If a Debt Collector does call back, have your friend or family member ask why the Debt Collector beleives "new information exists" and write down what they say. A specific reason is required. More than, "just checking to see if anything has changed".

         Finally, there are exceptions. Third-party calls can be made if:

         1.  You gave the debt collector express premission to communicate                   with a family member about the debt.
         2. A family member co-signed for your account. That person is                           not a third-party and may be contacted; and,
         3. There is a judgment against you and contacting a family member                   is reasonably necessary to enforce the judgment

         If your family member or friend was called about your debt; or. if YOU ARE the third party and you have questions, you can call us for a Free Consultation at                                            
(877) 320-2380

        Or, you can leave your contact information in the space to the right and we will respond promptly.


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The Rose Consumer Law Firm is the one of the finest law firms that I have ever encountered. Attorney William Rose is extremely knowledgeable, he is responsive to urgent matters, and he goes above and beyond to help people resolve their problems successfully.

                           - James M., Orange 

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