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     When an Auto Manufacturer repurchases your defective Vehicle, they typically pay off the balance of your loan and refund to you the total you've paid, including the down payment and monthly payments.

    The amount they pay you, however, is reduced by a "usage charge"  

for wear and tear on the vehicle. The amount of the usage charge is based on the number of miles on the vehicle.  Sounds fair enough, right?.

    Here is how they pick your pocket: In calculating the usage reduction - of the amount they pay and you get - the Manufacture uses the number of miles on the vehicle at the time of the repurchase. Consumers don't realize they are being tricked.

     The California Lemon Law mandates that the mileage used to calculate the usage deduction must be the mileage when you FIRST bring the vehicle in for repair of the defect. NOT the higher mileage when the Dealer has failed to repair the defect after four or more attempts.


  .The higher mileage used by the Manufacturer, obviously, results in a greater reduction in the amount the Manufacturer pays out to the consumer, and, thereby illegally deprives the average consumer of hundreds if not thousands of dollars. 




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