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Transmission Problems Plague Ford Fiesta & Ford Focus

Owners of 2011-2015 Ford Fiesta and 2012-2015 Ford Focus have been plagued by transmission problems. These folks report multiple dealer visits for such issues as hesitation, jerking forward at the start, shuddering, lack of power, stalling, dashboard warning lights, and grinding.

If your dealer has been unable to repair the transmission control module (TCM), clutch or transmission seals on your Ford Fiesta or Ford Focus, you may be entitled to compensation, or a vehicle repurchase under the California Lemon Law.


Owners of the faulty Fiestas and “Foci” (Focuses) have repeated the following complaints about their vehicles:

Bad hesitation, jerking and stalling have been reported when driving slowly, driving around town and moving forward from a stop.

These complaints start early during their ownership experience and worsen over time.

Dealers may replace the transmission control module (TCM), but this does not always fix the problem.

The “PowerShot” dual clutch transmission reportedly gets worse the longer it is driven. The dealer may replace the clutch, but so many vehicles have been impacted, Ford dealers have had difficulty keeping the clutches in stock and parts delays have occurred. This can result in additional time in the shop; and, too much time in the shop may qualify your vehicle as a Lemon under California Law.

Dashboard warning lights such as a check engine light or a transmission warning light have also been reported.


First: Make sure your complaints are accurately and fully documented. Each time you visit your dealer for a repair:

  • Clearly explain the problem, AND be sure that your complaint appears on the repair order. REPEAT: Be sure that your complaint appears clearly on the repair order.

  • Check the repair order to verify that parts which have been replaced are itemized; and, that all repairs which were performed are clearly listed.

  • Keep copies of all repair orders. REPEAT:….. (Well, you get it.)

The California Lemon Law allows for relief from vehicle complaints based on the number of repair attempts or the total number of days the vehicle is out of service during the warranty. For the 2014 Ford Focus, Ford Motor Company has actually extended the warranty to 7 years/100,000 miles for these repairs. This also extends the time to qualify for relief under the Lemon Law.

If you have experienced repeated repairs for transmission issues in your 2011-2015 Ford Fiesta or 2012-2015 Ford Focus please contact William Rose of Rose Consumer Law for a free consultation about your California Lemon Law claim.

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